Spiral Mixers

Master Mix ES Overturnable Spiral Mixer


Particularly suitable for heavy duty mixing on the industrial use, the mixer model ES guarantees an excellent reliability, easy to use and cheap in operations. The powerful two speed motors and the hydraulic system that runs the head lifting and the hooking-unhooking of the bowl trolley, place this machine at the top of the range of the removable bowl spiral mixers. It is available with electromechanical or digital control panel.

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IRIS Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer



A new version of spiral mixer, built with respect to the latest standard of design. Its characteristics are : very thick steel structure, 2 motors with 2 speeds, double transmission, electromechanical or digital control panel, temperature probe, solid lid in ABS or stainless steel grid over the bowl. Mounted on wheels.


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IRIS ARB-ARS Overturnable Spiral Mixers


A range of spiral mixers of robust construction with excellent performances. Firmly incorporated with a hydraulic lifting system, it is available only with discharge onto table.

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AR1-AR2 Overturnable Spiral Mixers


A range of spiral mixers of robust construction with excellent performances. Firmly incorporated with a hydraulic lifting system, this mixer is very flexible and ideal to solve simple automation issues in bakery shops of various size. It is available with left and right discharge at different heights.

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SR1-SR2 Bowl Lifters



We offer a range of bowl lifters which propose technical and practical solutions to any type of lifting, both for small or large dough capacities with hydraulic of chain lifting systems. They are available with tipping heights from 1 to 4 meters and with discharge both sides. They can be adapted to any model or type of bowl trolley.


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MATRIX V2 Professional Spiral Mixer


Bowl, spiral and column made of high resistance stainless steel
Setup for machine tilter application on the bench and on the hopper
Two mixing speeds with bowl reverse
Double analogue electric timer with the possibility of disabling work phases
Possibility of complete timer disabling in case of failure
Two independent motors for the spiral and bowl
Possibility of starting the bowl manually with the guard open for better access for dough removal
Belt transmission to ensure maximum reliability and silence while working
Adjustable front feet, support wheels for easier machine installation and movement to clean underneath it
Automatic tool braking in case of guard opening standard bowl








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