Heat exchanger

Multi Heat exchanger

fustgazIn numerous industrial processes, waste heat is produced which is often disposed of or, in some cases, is even a hindrance.

On the other hand, energy has to be purchased in order to heat offices and storage rooms or to generate hot water, disposed of or, in some cases, is even a hindrance.

Our company has, in many cases, deployed the heat produced during production processes and used it to generate usable heat.

Very often, this leads to a considerable reduction of costs as no extra money needs to be spent on heating oil et al.

Our heat exchangers are being manufactured according to your individual needs and are incorporated into your already existing processes.

Gas Cooler Heat Keeper

Greentech_watas_kondenzacios_kazanegysegAn Innovative Way of Heating With the Gas Cooler “Heat Keeper”

When using conventional high-temperature heating systems which are operated with fuel oil, gas or solid fuels, one third of the annually produced heat literally vanishes into thin air. Don’t let this cost-intensive energy vanish unused – make use of waste heat recovery of the exhaust gas from your heating system.

Hot Water Preparation With the Highest Degree of Energy Saving

A finned tubes heat exchanger is installed between your boiler and chimney. Hot exhaust gases pass through it and give off the heat energy to the water running through. The heated up water can then be used for a variety of heating purposes.




This device can be installed in

  • flue pipes
  • exhaust pipes
  • chimneys

All the Advantages at a Glance

  • Additional energy generation in your facilities, increasing the efficiency of the entire heating system
  • Easy installation according to the emission limits of condensing boilers
  • Stainless steel ensures a high durability
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly as less heat and chemical combustion residues are emitted to the environment
  • Manifold fields of application, such as in return heaters, water heaters or direct heating.

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